There are several variables that make up the price of carpeting a double garage. So, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, to help you size up the price, here are some factors you ought to consider.


The Quality and Type of the Carpeting

It’s no secret that if you decide to invest in a quality carpet, that will last and look great for years, you’ll likely have to pay a higher price. Additionally, cheap carpeting can turn into a money pit, as you’ll have to keep replacing almost every other month.

The best thing you can do for your garage (and your budget) is to try to find carpeting that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t fall apart after a few months.

Luckily, you can get a high-quality carpet — without paying a premium price. For example, ProGroup’s biggest sellers are high-quality carpets manufactured in Belgium, which are also quite affordable, and fit into most budgets.


DIY vs Professional Installation

The next factor that goes into making up the price of garage carpeting is whether you’re doing the job by yourself or hiring a professional. Of course, a professional will charge for something that you can (or at least think you can) do by yourself, for free.

However, the price that comes with the service is one that both you, and your garage floor will definitely appreciate. A professional will first make sure that the base layer is good and ready for the carpeting before starting to install it. Then, they’ll ensure everything is set up correctly, and there are no gaps or tears that would let moisture or anything else through.

Even if you fancy yourself a home improvements master — we still recommend leaving the job to a professional. More often than not, the price will be well worth it.


Additional Work

One final factor that will go into making the price for carpeting your double garage: is there any additional work that needs to be done beforehand. For example, if your garage exceeds the standard 6×6 meter mold, there will be an additional charge for the extension.

Additionally, if the existing floor is uneven or otherwise not ready for the carpeting, you’ll need to do some work to remedy it. Again, we always recommend hiring a professional for these jobs, as they do require a certain skill set. You can either hire the same company doing your carpeting or ask them for a referral. 

All in all, note that if there’s any additional work to be done, it will impact the final price tag.


The Bottom Line

Quality carpeting for a standard size 36m double garage in New Zealand will likely cost you anywhere from $999-1500. Again, taking into account all of the factors we’ve listed thus for. Still, you can and should inquire about the price beforehand and request a quote based on your project.

This way, you’ll be able to transform your garage flooring — and make sure you’re staying on budget.