Evidence Lacking for Insect Bite Treatments

Insect bite cream is widely used. Unfortunately, insect bites are troublesome and can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. You want to deal with these bites quickly and effectively, but, there does seem to be a lack of evidence in support of insect bite treatments. So, does that mean it’s not worth investing in insect bite treatments? Well, no, it doesn’t! While there is a lack of evidence to support the use of some treatments, people still stand by many available treatments. So, what treatments are there for insect bites and which is best for you? Checkout more on Stingose.com.au

Insect Bite Cream and Tablets

One of the more popular treatment methods for insect bites is corticosteroid creams and tablets. These are highly recommended by doctors and are often prescribed to deal with troublesome insect bites. Topical creams could be used over a short period to counteract the effects of itching and inflammation around the bite. However, if you’re using insect bite cream it should only be used on skin which is unbroken. So essentially, if your skin is broken, don’t use the cream over it as it might irritate it. Also, it should be used minimally. It’s the same with tablet corticosteroids.


Like insect bite cream, oral antihistamines have been used widely to treat insect bites. More often than not, the antihistamines are used to treat itching. Remember, most insect bites cause itching and inflammation which lead to skin irritation. The antihistamines are aimed at reducing that itchy feeling and reduce the inflammation around the bite also. You could use these to deal with a minor insect bite and could see some relief.

Evidence Lacking for Insect Bite Treatments

Why Is There A Lack Of Evidence Surrounding Treatments For Insect Bites?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell which treatments are going to work best for insect bites. Remember, everyone reacts differently to different treatments. Essentially, there haven’t been enough studies conducted to support treatments one way or another. It’s frustrating because you want to know if you’re wasting your time or not. However, the trouble is down to how individuals react. Some will be able to heal after the use of some insect bite treatments, like insect bite cream, but, others will find another treatment works best. It’s hard to say for sure which treatments work. Click here for how reducing itching from insect bites.

Should You Use Creams?

Insect bites are incredibly uncomfortable and you need to treat them as quickly as possible. You need to ensure the wounds and area around the bites is cleansed daily so no infection is allowed. Also, you need to look at treatments which help deal with the irritation, inflammation, and itchiness of the bites. Insect bite cream can be a potential option to use and may help ease some irritation.

Take Control of Your Insect Bites

Insect bites will continue to be a problem. You might find they’re a minor problem over the years (if you’re lucky) or they could be a major headache! When insect bites affect your life, it’s time to do something about it. You need a treatment that is going to be effective for you in the long and short-term. Why not look at insect bite cream to see if it helps you? Learn more about Infectious Diarrhea.