Are there treatments for insect bites? Are insect bite creams sufficient enough to treat it? These are the question people usually ask. This is because, these insects usually cause discomfiting itching and would leave spots, an evidence that you were bitten. So, again, is there a permanent cure for insect bite?

Over the years, we have witnessed the uprising of insect bite creams. These creams, though effective to an extent, does not give hundred percent justice to the pains associated with the bites. Hence, people are always searching for that one insect bite treatment that would be effective enough to deal with the pains permanently.

Present insect bite treatment

Corticosteroid tablets and creams are one of the most used forms of insect bite treatment. Insect bite creams are also called corticosteroid creams.

The corticosteroid creams are topical treatments. They are applied on the skin to prevent and tone down itching or any form of inflammation that may arise. It must not be applied on broken skin, as it might cause irritation. In using topical corticosteroid cream, and you notice any side effects? It is advisable that you stop immediately and see your doctor. Also, it must be used minimally.

Tablet corticosteroid are taken as prescribed by the doctor. A typical example is oral antihistamines. They are majorly used to treat itching and reduce the inflammation around the insect bite. This drug must be taken in the right dosage to avoid any sort of health issues.

While insect bite creams and tablets can be used to curtail effects, the use of insecticides can prevent it from happening in the first place. Read more!

Reasons behind the lack of evidence surrounding insect bite treatments

  • Insufficiency of research on treatments associated with insect bite. Over time, we’ve not witnessed any groundbreaking discovery that would bring an end to insect bite pains.
  • Insect bite treatment usually depends on individuals. A treatment that might work for Mr. A would have little or no effect on Mr. B, hence, it has become quite difficult to find a conventional treatment for everyone.
  • There are lots of studies that are against the use of steroids or any other drug to treat insect bites. These studies are of the premise that insect bites need no treatment whatsoever.

These studies believe that there is no direct evidence of the efficiency of insect bite treatments. Hence, this leads to less people in the efficacy of any form of insect bite treatment.

Be in control of insect bites

Unfortunately for all citizens of planet earth, insect bites are here to stay. Not of the intention to scare you, our readers, but that is the truth. Insect bite creams and tablets have worked for people, even though there are existing literatures that debunks that, it is the truth.

Find what works for you, use creams and corticosteroid tablets to treat yourself if need be. Use insecticides to prevent it from happening at all. Fumigate your surroundings regularly and use insect nets to sleep if need be. But one thing you should never do is feel that insects have won! They will never win this fight against us as along as we protect ourselves.

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Paracetamol for Children

Do you like the idea of paracetamol for children? To be honest, it’s a tough question to answer. You don’t mind taking paracetamol, but giving it to your children, that’s another matter. While painkillers can dull some of the pain felt, it doesn’t actually do anything to the underlying cause of the headache or rising temperature. Yes, it’s an over-the-counter medicine and deemed safe by most, but it’s not always used correctly. Unfortunately, the wrong doses are used and that causes more problems. Should you give paracetamol to children and if so, how to use it safely?

Dosages Are Determined On the Paracetamol Type

There are several types of paracetamol, including soluble and chewable tables, suppositories, and liquid paracetamol. Dosages will vary from the type of paracetamol being chosen. However, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • The Child’s Age
  • The Child’s Weight
  • The Child’s Pain
  • The Recommended Dosage On The Packaging

It’s hard to say a specific dose amount because everyone requires different pain relief. There will be some children that require a smaller dose since their pain threshold is higher. Others may require a larger dose. However, it will vary considerably. Getting the right dose will be difficult, but, it’s generally thought wise to follow the recommended dosage suggestions on the packaging. If you aren’t sure still, talk to a doctor. Paracetamol for children can be more useful than you think, but, it’s only useful when the dosage is correct for the child in question. Learn more about types of paracetamol.

Paracetamol for Children

What to Know Before Administering Paracetamol for Children

If your child has been taking other medicines or medications, you must ensure none contain paracetamol. Why does it matter? Let’s say you have given a child medicine that contains paracetamol and you give them more in tablet form. You could give them too much paracetamol even though it was only one tablet. Remember, if they’re taking anything that contains paracetamol, they may not be able to take any more tablets. Paracetamol for children can be safe, but again, you have to be vigilant. You should always know what’s contained in a child’s medication so that they are given a safe dose of paracetamol. Click here to get about paracetamol treatment of fever in children.

Visit a Doctor – To Be On the Safe Side

Paracetamol could be used to help children and is generally safe – as long as they aren’t allergic to it. However, that doesn’t mean to say your mind will be put at ease. If you aren’t sure about paracetamol for children, you could speak to a doctor and clear up any doubts. Also, prolonged use of paracetamol isn’t advised. Why? If the child is still unwell after two or three days (of continuous paracetamol use), it’s advisable to visit a doctor. More often than not, it’s about being safe and taking an extra precaution for the child.

Keep Your Child Safe

Children get sick all the time. More often than not, it’s a minor ailment that goes away after a few days; however, not always. Sometimes, paracetamol can be a useful tool for parents everywhere and you should consider it. However, you should also know it won’t solve all of your children’s ailments or complaints! It’s important to use paracetamol for children safely and with due care and attention. Checkout also about insect bite treatments  on